Welcome to greenHOUSE, the 21 day Home Energy Blitz with Laura Trotta


I get it.

You’re well aware that climate change is the greatest threat to life as we know it. Your ‘green guilt’ has been niggling at you for ages telling you that you should do something. Anything.
And you would! If only you knew where to start.
There’s so much conflicting advice out there on what you can do to save the planet. You just want to cut through the crap and have someone with the creds to tell you what to do. Lay it all out for you even.
You’ll also very aware of your increasing power bills and the rising cost of living. It’s getting harder to pay your utility bills and your paycheck can only stretch so far.
What if there was a way to help combat climate change and save you dollars along the way? Is that too much to ask?
Let me tell you that helping the environment and improving your household budget go hand in hand.
Around 15 years ago, while working full time as an environmental engineer, I wanted to do more in my own household to make it the eco home I desired. I was searching for a way to reduce my household’s energy consumption but there really wasn’t much information out there at the time to help me do so.

Introducing greenHOUSE, the 21 Day Home Energy Blitz!

My 5 Step System To Reducing Your Energy Bills & Footprint.

It’s time to take your desire to do something about climate change seriously, reduce your environmental footprint and reap the savings on your energy bills, without compromising your lifestyle.

So here’s what I did…..

I trained to become a Home Energy Auditor and volunteered in my local community, under the award-winning Outback Smart Initiative.
I was invited into people’s homes to identify ways to reduce their electricity, gas and water use. Some families were able to reduce their consumption considerably and even those who were initially sceptical were thrilled when I outlined actions they could take to reduce their energy consumption, and ultimately bills.
Despite not thinking we had much to change in our small, rented home, we managed to shave 20% off our energy bills just by making small tweaks to how we lived. In the process we gained more confidence knowing we were walking the talk on climate change, the greatest environmental challenge of our generation.
Now, years later, I’ve shifted my focus to help even more households slash their energy emissions.
Enter YOU!


Why do I need a Home Energy Blitz?

Say ‘goodbye’ to skyrocketing energy bills that leave you sweating at the letterbox! I’m bringing my knowledge as an Environmental Engineer together with the practical knowledge of running grass roots eco-initiatives and businesses to give you an actionable and fun way to reduce your energy consumption step-by-step, with minimal effort and little disruption.
I’ve done the hard work for you and made the overwhelming easy. You’ll have simple tools that allow you to make changes so you can sleep soundly at night knowing your children’s future is improved by the lasting actions this program will bring about.
I’m helping you walk your talk when it comes to environmental change. By starting your very own Home Energy Blitz, you’ll join me and a group of game-changing women who are ready to create a very different future for our planet, and make the impossible possible. Bit by bit, together we will make a difference.

The greenHOUSE 21 day Home Energy Blitz will transform your home and life by:

Equipping you with the skills and knowledge to reduce your household energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle. At the end of the 21 days you’re going to feel:

Personal pride

as you reduce your greenhouse emissions and do your bit to combat climate change

More confident and connected

to your partner and your growing network of eco-minded friends changing their lifestyle and the world

Free and liberated

from the dread you feel each quarter when your energy bills arrive


as you take control of your home energy consumption and make BIG reductions in your household greenhouse emissions


when you have extra money in your back pocket that you can direct to things you value


to do more for the environment, knowing that the SMALL changes you make in your own home can have a BIG impact on our global environment.

Sounds fabulous but how will I have the time?

I’m a mum and I know just how busy it is running a household, let alone a business or paid work too! That’s why I created this eCourse to be highly practical and I deliver it to you in bite-sized chunks over 21 days. By setting aside a short amount of time each day to go through the material and complete the set task, you’ll make it to the end of the course in no time at all and with minimum impact on your daily schedule.

Ready for Change?

greenHOUSE program

Home Energy Blitz (program + Home Energy kit (shower timer + home thermometer))


What do you get for your investment?


Get to Know You Questionnaire –

so we can dive deep into understanding your current energy use and clarify the vision and goals you have for your home.

Lay the Foundation Intensive

 – through a series of 21 bite-sized emails, videos and action-oriented worksheets I’ll guide and empower you to go through your home with a fine-toothed comb and identify the areas where you can slash your energy consumption.

greenHOUSE energy tracker –

to help you monitor your progress after the course period and flag any issues that might get you off track.

Johanna Hegerty – Down to Earth Mother In an exclusive interview, Jo will fill you in on how climate change will change your child’s health and future and will inspire you like you’ve never been before. The result? You’ll have continued energy to make a BIG impact tackling the greatest environmental issue of our generation.
Jamie van Jones Jamie is a Sustainable Development specialist and eco mindset extraordinaire. Jamie will share tips on how to keep yourself focussed on your eco goals and bring others on board too.

Make an Even Bigger Difference

When you enrol in greenHOUSE I’ll make a donation to Trees for Life to plant a tree on your behalf. This means you’ll not only be reducing your household energy use and doing your bit for climate change in your home, you’ll be helping to restore degraded landscapes and sequester carbon in our environment!   TFL carbon logo FUNDING reverse (1)

As a naturopath and a mum I’m passionate about the health of my family and am always looking for ways to clean up our environment and improve our wellbeing. I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found Laura and her eco-living ecourses. Laura is not just another online “Guru”! She knows her stuff! She is qualified in environmental engineering and science and has a knack for translating scientific jargon into easily understandable language that anyone can make sense of. She radiates passion for creating a healthy home and you can’t help but become excited about what she teaches! Jessica Donovan, Naturopath, www.energeticmama.com

“I have worked closely with Laura over the past two years, both in her capacity as a retailer of our brands, and as a colleague in the natural parenting industry. Laura continues to inspire me through her commitment to developing high quality, important resources that help Australians reduce their impact and improve their quality of life. In a world where eco “resources” abound, it can be hard to sift the wheat from the chaff. Highly committed to advocacy of eco-conscious living, and with two environmental degrees to back her up, Laura Trotta is the Australian authority on authentic sustainable living.” Eva Van Striip, Owner of Oz Baby Trends and Founding Member of the Australian Nappy Association.

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When does greenHOUSE start and how does it run?
You’ll receive your first email shortly after your payment is processed so you can get started on your home energy blitz instantly!
greenHOUSE sounds perfect for me but I’m worried about falling behind. How long will I have access to the course material?
Great news! greenHOUSE is delivered as a series of 21 individual emails. If you’re struggling to keep up with the actions, simply put them aside and come back to them when you can continue.
What kind of people get the best results working with you?
I find that two types of people enjoying working with me and get the best results. Firstly, time-poor environmental professionals who crave an eco home but are not there yet love my done-for-you resources and value my education and experience. They tell me they appreciate that my ecourses save them hours of research and they know the information I dish up is researched, tried and tested. Secondly, I get great results with motivated mums who want to reduce their household energy use but are overwhelmed with all the info out there and just want a trusted environmental professional to tell them what to do.
How do I know if I’m ready to work with you?
If you’re feeling ashamed of your high household energy use, worried about the totals of your electricity and gas bills and are ready to take action to help address climate change at a household level, then you’re ready to work with me.
What kind of results can I expect?
Individual results on the greenHOUSE program will vary depending on your baseline and many other factors, however a 20% reduction in your household energy use is definitely achievable.
How quickly can I expect results?
The beauty of greenHOUSE is that you can start to expect results from as soon as you take action. In most cases, the first electricity or gas bill you’ll receive after you complete the course will demonstrate a reduction when compared to the previous period. Even better news is that you’ll feel an instant sense of pride that you’re taking action as soon as you start the material.
But we have solar panels. Is this course still applicable to me?
greenHOUSE is all about reducing your household’s energy consumption. If you already have solar panels installed on your home, this will mean that you may be able to feed more power back into the grid, which helps others to use more renewable energy and puts extra cash in your wallet!
How is this package different from your other offers and services?
This ecourse contains my 5 step signature system to achieving an energy efficient home. It’s delivered in bite-sized chunks over 21 days and is not available in any of my other packages. If you are ready to significantly reduce your home energy consumption and do your bit for climate change, this course is for you!
How is working with you in this way different from working with other environmental educators?
I have over 20 years of experience in the environmental field, a Master of Science Degree in Environmental Chemistry, have won State awards for my environmental engineering projects and have undertaken countless Home Energy Assessments. Eco has been my life for as long as I can remember and I have a knack for breaking down complex processes and information into easy to understand, bite-sized chunks. My education, experience and passion for the environment, and climate change in particular, shines through in greenHOUSE and by working with me in this course, you’ll be best placed to get your home energy use under control and put some cash back into your wallet.

Ready for Change?

greenHOUSE program

21-day Home Energy Blitz (program + home energy kit)


I know SO much more now about energy use in our home – I thought I had a reasonable idea before but greenHOUSE really gave me the tools to do this. A good example is monitoring our electricity and gas meter boxes which I now plan to do weekly going forwards – previously I had no idea what the readings on the meters meant and so had no way of telling if our consumption was above or below our usual average. During the three week course, our average energy use decreased by about 30-40%. I haven’t been tracking it since then (will start reading meters every Monday and keeping a weekly record) but I imagine our usage will be much lower going forward. Amanda Hudson

greenHOUSE is a great starter course for those keen to learn more about environmental issues and the small changes that can be made in the home to make a difference worldwide. Christie White

This course gives you the power to be in charge of your energy usage and the cost of living. If you’re unsure whether to do greenHOUSE, just do it. You’ll change some habits and lower your cost of living. Amanda Nelson

greenHOUSE is really worthwhile and such great value. I learnt so much about how energy is used and how to be more aware of my energy use. I was surprised to find out how much energy my oven uses and also just how important insulation is in reducing heating costs. I can’t wait to go through the material again so I can solidify my learning. Alison Andrews

This course gives you a great insight into energy usage in the home and easy ways to reduce your energy costs. I enjoyed learning how to help reduce our household costs and help the environment too! Catherine Laun